How to Discover Your True Potential And Live Your Life Mission.

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Workshop 1: The Secret to Transformation

We all have skills and abilities lying dormant within us just waiting to be discovered. Modern science has now revealed that we have access to 100 % our brains potential. In this first lesson, you will learn how to tap into, and unleash this potential. You will learn to envision ways to transform your life and develop a crystal clear vision for your future.

Workshop 2: Create your Future

In this lesson you will learn how Yoga Nidra uniquely guides you to develop the ability to tune into higher states of consciousness where you utilize visualizations and affirmation techniques that will train your brain to achieve anything you desire in your life. These techniques were not only used by the ancient yogis, they were also used by modern day geniuses such as Einstein, Movie Stars and Gold Winning Athletes.

This lesson includes a FREE Yoga Nidra MP3 Audio download.

Workshop 3: Personal Development Blueprint

This lesson is designed to guide you to successfully achieve all of your Goals, Dreams, and Aspirations. You will learn how to blueprint your futureOne of the most overlooked aspects in successfully achieving your goals is mapping out HOW you plan to get there!  You will receive your own Downloadable pdf Personal Development Blueprint to help get you started on your journey to Transform your life. 

Workshop 4: How to Live Your Life’s Mission

In this workshop, you will learn a system to alter the path of your life forever. Every person in the world has their own unique gift to share. You will learn how to consciously train your brain to accelerate the achievement of your goals and dreams and live your life’s mission.

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