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 Tony Myers, the founder and CEO of My Yoga Nidra Online, has been teaching powerful self development techniques for over 10 years. Tony teaches meditation, yoga and Nlp to people of all walks of life, from Professors, doctors, students, and psychologists . His incredible personal journey, from very humble beginnings, has lead him to teach hundreds of students weekly, in universities, health and fitness centres, yoga studios, hospitals and corporate environments.

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University of




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Health Clubs.

Tony’s gentle instructions are very conducive to nurturing both the physical and spiritual side of yoga. His class at a pace that allows time to enjoy and relax into the postures. No feeling of competing with other students. The instructions are not too technical – just gentle guidance. I feel peaceful, relaxed, rejuvenated after the classes and have noticed Improved fitness, flexibility, posture and mental focus, with more general awareness and the ability to live in the moment.

Prof. Roy Hall

PhD Virology, The University of Queensland, Australia

I first started Tony’s yoga nidra course during a very unsettled time in my life. I was dealing with a great deal of anxiety, my health was suffering, and I lacked clear direction and vision for my life. I was fortunate enough to have Tony personally walk me through his course, and my life began to change dramatically. My health improved considerably, to the complete surprise of my doctors. I was sleeping better, and I begin to develop a clear vision of what I wanted for my life, and how to achieve it. The most noticeable difference for me, after taking Tony’s course, is how much more creative and productive I have become in my day. I am able to manage much more during my day than I ever have, only without the added stress. Tony’s yoga nidra course has transformed my life considerably, and I would highly recommend it to anyone needing change and direction in their life.

Dr Alison Howes

PhD Landscape Ecology, The University of Queensland, Australia

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